June thoughts

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I can't stop buying plants. Not an unusual problem for me to have. I've expanded to the front porch this year and have a nice little urban jungle going out there now.

Making some good progress towards some life-goals. I've got campgrounds booked to start camping again after a 20 year hiatus. My inner girl-scout is thrilled.

Last weekend wandering Woodruff Flea I found a salvaged antique mantel and fender, to add a faux-fireplace to my living room.

The summer will be full of house projects, camping weekends, surrounding myself in plants, and reading in hammocks.

I'm brainstorming ways to start up a side-hustle, toying with the ideas of consulting on landscaping, interior decor, or my work-passion of customer success. Anything to start throwing money at my savings and retirement funds.

jumping back in

It has been a very long time since I felt like writing anything in this space - and so much has changed since my last post.

2018 is the year I get my life back. I'm in the process of finding a new job. I now own my house and am fixing it up, my goal this year is to declutter and streamline. I'm doing a lot of the things I spent the last few years wishing I had the freedom to pursue: I spent November and December traveling and getting out of the house. I went to Boston and Chicago, spent two long weekends in Kentucky, visited Las Vegas and saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. 

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Losing mom changed so much. I'm still trying to figure things out 7 months later. It's the weirdest tiny little things that make the grief come roaring back. I turned her closet into my office a few weeks ago and it felt like a huge betrayal to be so happy about claiming that bit of space. 

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But I'm learning a lot. Leaving my last job was hard until I decided to embrace the opportunity presented by all of this free time. I'm calling it my professional sabbatical. I've got a stack of books to work through and I've been knitting up a storm. I'm back in a ceramics class for the first time in a decade. I've checked off a few major bucket list items over the last 2 months. Garden season is fast approaching and there are major plans to be made. And I'm finally looking forward to what the future might bring. 

Stay tuned.