fresh start


Starting over in this space. I've been paying for this site - and it was either use it or find some way to download all my archives and move on.

My life is pretty full these days. New job. Weekly sewing group. Bigger garden. An ever increasing range of do-it-myself projects. Lots more blackberries.


I've been slowly overhauling the outside landscape at the house. New plants in the front flower beds. Cleaning up the patio. Slowly building a collection of tin can lanterns. I want to hang them in the trees.

last chore of the day: quick pickles for snacky bee

Cucumbers smell like summer. There was room left in the jar, so I pulled some radishes from the garden to fill the space. Quick pickles are SO GOOD. 


Snacky Bee came to my house. I'm declaring another "summer of grilling" after the grill spent all of last year in the garage.   

Feels good to be back :)