state of the garden: first week of July

Just a quick update, as we are leaving in an hour for a long weekend in Kentucky!

We have had so much rain recently. I looked up (b/c I'm a dork) the stats for last year - we've had more rain the first three days of July this year than we did in the whole month of July last year.  I haven't had to water anything in weeks!

just before a storm rolled in

This was taken just before a spectacular thunderstorm rolled through.  I love how huge and green everything is looking.  The purple pole beans growing up those tee-pees are now taller than me!

Untitledfirst teensy kirby cucumber tiny yellow summer squash

Lots of little things starting to grow: honey bunch grape tomatoes and red popcorn, teensy kirby cucumbers on their string trellis, yellow summer squash under the pole beans.  The blackberries are starting to ripen, too. I wrapped them in bird netting last night b/c I have a feeling they'll be ready to pick by the time we get back from Kentucky. 

wonky mason bee houses

I took the opportunity of being in the wood shop on campus earlier this week and made some mason bee houses with a drill and some funky shaped pieces of scrap wood.  These will hang under the eaves of the garage over my pollinator perennial bed to provide a home for solitary pollinators.   

Happy birthday America! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend.