state of the garden: third week of august

nearly full viewI might actually get some sunflowers popcorn! pumpkins and beans bee pollinating oregano flowers climbing trellis fall broccoli and beans

I had to wear a sweater and wool shawl out of the house this morning.

It feels like fall.

Late afternoon, the light in the garden is starting to look like fall too. 

The sunflowers look like they might finally bloom.  Ears of popcorn are taking shape. I have two watermelons growing steadily.  The jarrahdale pumpkin vines are taking over the pruned strawberry bed. Bean vines are taking over the garage wall and are slowly starting to produce.  The arch trellis is finally covered in climbing things! I picked my first scarlet runner beans yesterday and have a dozen pickling cukes ripening. I pulled the broccoli and a basil plant to make room for fall broccoli and beans.  The brussels sprouts are in rough shape - they might have to come out as well.  The weird cool weather has all but killed off my tomatoes, which is super sad given how well they started off this year. The slowest growing beets ever planted are finally ready to come up - looks like I'll be pickling this weekend!

I'm hearing from the weather stations that we're in for an early frost mid-September, which is making me rethink a lot of my winter garden plans.  If I get the beets out of one raised bed this weekend, I might try to rig up some sort of cold frame.  Hard to believe this summer is almost over.