state of the garden: fourth week of august

sunflowers! finally!view from the front view from the alley still climbing jarrahdale creeper living in my bean plants nearing the end of the season

There's so much going on out here these days!  I've been impatiently waiting for those sunflowers to bloom all summer long. There are some very tiny twee ones under the pole beans that are just adorable. 

The squash and zucchini plants succumbed to powdery mildew; there might be one straggler hanging on.  The tomatoes recovered a bit from whatever nastiness nearly killed them, so I might get a few more small harvests before the season ends.  

The snap beans growing up the garage wall trellis are incredibly difficult to pick this year because the pumpkin vines have taken over the ground space in front, so I can't get a stool in there.  Plus there's a creepy critter hanging out in the vines and it's awkward enough climbing into a wall of bean vines without having to worry about a praying mantis ending up in my hair. 

I shelled the first lima beans last night and am a little disappointed with the yield from those plants so far. Unless they continue producing long into the fall, it won't have been worth the space they took up.  I planted 2 packets of henderson bush beans this year because they were the only variety available locally.  Next year I'll order a pole variety online and train them up the garage wall trellis, so they can dry on the vines. 

Over the weekend I pulled my first planting of beets and dug up the volunteer potatoes.  I think I ended up with more potatoes this year off two volunteer plants than I did last year with a large, intentional planting.  The beets didn't perform as well as I'd hoped, yielding a grand total of 4 pounds from a 5x5 square foot bed.  But they made lovely pickles! 

As much as I love being out in the garden, I'm looking forward to fall and colder weather and knitting inside on a blustery day.  It's still dark now in the mornings when I leave for work, which means sweater and soup weather isn't far behind.