I am...

playing along with bluebirdbaby

makinggood progress on my wonky stars quilt. finally.

cooking :   soutzoukakia. greek meatballs in sauce from garden tomatoes

drinking : lots and lots of water

reading : homesteading blogs. http://waywardspark.com is my latest fave.

wanting : to knit another sweater before rhinebeck

looking : forward to everything lovely on the books for this fall

playing : the new Volcano Choir album on repeat in anticipation of this Saturday's show

wasting : lots of food scraps because I gave up on composting this summer

sowing : shelling peas and hollyhocks

wishing : for patience

enjoying : the early fall chill in the air. I wore a scarf to work today!

waiting :  for apple season. pumpkin donuts. rhinebeck. 

liking :  my new phone. a silly thing to enjoy, really.

wondering : what my life will look like in a few years

loving : where I am right now

hoping : to make some more good changes this year

marveling : at the peaches. good lord, the peaches. the best.

needing : my thyroid meds to kick in. ran out for a few days and I feel beat .

smelling : basil every time the outdoor cat walks by. she sleeps under the plants.

wearing :  my fave maxi skirt & melody miller cowl. 

following : lots of new to me folks on instagram

noticing : the light in the afternoon looks like fall now

knowing : my very favorite time of year is almost here

thinking : about where I want to go next year

bookmarking : plane fare to all these places I wan to go

opening : a very large bag of cheese puffs

giggling : at the aforementioned very large bag of cheese puffs. I don't even remember the last time I ate those.

feeling : grateful for all the food I've managed to stock away all summer. a freezer full of soup, fruit, and beans. a pantry filled with rows of tomatoes, jams, and pickles.