giving thanks

gloomy day calls for cocoa and fresh marshmallows

There are so many other things I should be doing, but it's raining and this kitten is purring and she digs her claws into my hand if I move


turkey is here and brine is happening!

woke up early, couldn't fall back asleep. fed the cats, made some tea, plugged in the twinkle lights over my couch. later there will be the winter market, turkey pick up at smoking goose, and lots of thanksgiving prep. now there is knitting and quiet.

she burrowed her way inside my cashmere cardigan. kitten has good taste in sweaters

such a pretty morning

my holiday postcards came yesterday! they turned out so well I had to hang one at my desk

my new home office

woke up to this 😍

sweater in a box, assembly required. (@misplacedpom is awesome and destashed a sweater's worth of lopi so I can make Strokkur)

I put on makeup (and real pants) and braved the cold for a celebratory dinner with my friend who started her new job on Monday. I ate an entire steak and this whole bowl of spiced apples, then topped it all off with hot spiked cider.

Thanks to a full day of webinars and conference calls, I've got a finished mitten! #woodruff #brooklyntweed

So many things to be thankful for.

Fresh marshmallows in cocoa on a rainy, blustery day. Kittens to snuggle and laugh at. Sunday lunch that tastes like home.  A fridge full of food to be shared with family and friends.  Beautiful mornings, even when the windchill is -10. Snow in November.  A new job. A space all my own, for working and creating. Friends who send boxes of sweater yarn in the mail. And friends who meet up for dinner in the frigid cold. Cabled woolly goodness, in the form of mittens made with Rhinebeck yarn.

I hope you and yours stay warm and happy this week!