all good things

and so it begins. put out half the herb garden, planted 5 varieties of cherry tomatoes, and added 8 more broccoli starts #garden2014I have a potting station this year, excited for the possibilities #garden2014 my favorite sign of spring: the blackberry canes woke up taking a risk: my tomatoes are out and staked. I'm only growing cherry/grape varieties this year. girlie is so happy to be a garden cat again #garden2014

I threw caution to the wind this weekend and put tomatoes out. Garden season 2014 is here!

I love the last few weeks of the winter market when seedlings are for sale; I stocked up on herbs, tomatoes, and broccoli this Saturday and then spent a few hours with my hands in the dirt.  I've been fighting an allergy/sinus/ear infection all week, but it felt so amazing to be out in the sunshine working.  

The last of my seed order went in to Baker Creek yesterday, I'm trying to simplify things a bit this year and work smarter - not harder.  I'm only planting cherry tomatoes b/c I've yet to have a good year of anything else, I put in a lot of broccoli instead of kale, and I'm using tee pee trellises to grow pole beans since they worked so well last year. 

Our big crazy half dead sleepy hollow-esque tree was finally cut down last week, so the shade profile of my yard has changed a bit.  It will be interesting to see how the increase in sun changes things in the garden.  

I was so excited to dig in to my raised beds on Saturday and see so much life in the soil, I worked so hard last year to increase soil fertility and my soil food web and it definitely seems to have paid off.  Straw mulch is my new bff. 

The soil isn't the only thing alive and well out there, the perennials and berries are waking up! The strawberries have been greening up for a few weeks, the rhubarb is almost a foot tall, and both blackberry and raspberry patches sprouted leaves this week.  

It feels so good to be back.