this week in the garden :: May 28

peony season is the best

scapes are starting to form!

love this new space full of beans, cucumbers, flowers, strawberries, lettuce, and herbs

added another trellis for more beans and squash behind the broccoli

purple pole beans and yellow straightneck squash

the perennial pollinators I planted last year are doing so well

the rhubarb was damaged by hail, but the lettuce and cucumbers are doing great

first backyard strawberry of 2014!

first baby tomatoes - principe borghese

the newest backyard bed: full of strawberries, elderberry bushes, roses, raspberries, perennial flowers, herbs, and some veggies thrown in

I spent most of the long weekend out here, building bamboo trellises and putting things in the ground. 

That space in the photo directly above is brand new - a  big patch of yard tilled under just last week. It is already nearly full and will be dedicated to more permanent plantings: ever-bearing strawberries, elderberry shrubs (just sticks now), another raspberry, perennial herbs and flowers. There are a few rows of beans and hills of squash and watermelon in there, but the remaining space to fill will be dedicated to flowers for a cutting garden.

This week I'm planting the bundle of roses I scored in a great online nursery sale ( is fantastic if you're shopping), sowing one last row of beans, and enjoying the small handful of strawberries coming out of the backyard each morning.