end of summer, state of the garden

late summer, state of the garden. those marigolds just won't quit and I love them. I've been deadheading to save the seeds. Sunday afternoon, I pulled the largest bean trellis out, picked and shelled enough dry pods that I've got enough seeds for next yea

Autumn is just around the corner, finally, and I am so ready to embrace this season of change.  Big things happening here. I am not sad to see this summer go.

The garden is slowing down. I pulled out the biggest patch of beans last week and shelled enough dried pods to store seed for next year.  Those marigolds were amazing all season long, I've been deadheading the spent flowers to save those seeds too.  I'm hoping to get a few rows of beets and lettuce planted this weekend, everything else will be pulled out and the beds will get a deep cover of straw. 

October is shaping up nicely, my calendar full of adventures and events.  It's always my favorite time of year, my favorite month and I'm looking forward to it even more than usual.