back at it

Winter is slowly on the way out! I am anxious to get back outside, get back to the garden. Last year was hard in so many ways and I missed my routines and habits. My plans this year are a bit ambitious: hedges on two sides of the yard, perennial beds inside those and around the house in some other spaces that were cleared last fall, plus a cutting garden of annuals, and the usual veg. I established new strawberry beds last summer and am adding dwarf cherries and blueberries to my collection of fruit this year. 

My seed order and seed starting supplies arrived this week, so I'll be starting that project soon.  Like last year, my seeds all came from Baker Creek. The catalog is incredible, the packaging beautiful, and everything ships really fast. 

I'm hoping to do a better job of documenting the garden(s) this year. We had a local friend helping out to clear spaces and create new planting beds last fall, so I have a lot more space at my disposal now.  We also had a new concrete patio poured out back and I have plans to make that a nice outdoor living area. 

My plans to start:

  • Seed annuals: snapdragons, pansies, celosia, salvia, coleus
  • Place pre-order with local nursery for native perennials
  • Mock up perennial beds and borders
  • Make a list of existing plants to move
  • Source salvaged materials for a potting bench and yard art
  • Use terra cotta pots to create tiered planters for the patio - possible mosaic projects