state of the garden: 5/28/15

state of the garden 5/28/15the back half of the garden, from the driveway strawberry patch 5/28/15 the new strawberry patch tomatoes and peppers 5/28/15 tomatoes in their new cages + shishito peppers + volunteer pumpkin state of the garden 5/28/15 perennials in the front, strawberries and onions in the back state of the garden 5/28/15

I started to write this last week and never finished it.

The garden is doing well. I love this time of year. Things are starting to change quickly, daily. The tomatoes are knee high. I've picked 6 quarts of strawberries. Rhubarb is almost ready. Squash and cucumber sprouts just popped up. 

Bush beans are in, but the pole beans are waiting on a trellis. We spent Memorial Day weekend at Shaker Town in Harrodsburg, KY. I spent an afternoon talking to the farmer about his plans and processes - and taking pictures of his awesome trellises. I'm going to attempt my own version in the backyard - there are t-posts, rebar, and bamboo poles waiting for dad to come help me set it up.

An hour with some zip ties, bolt cutters, and a bale of wire fencing resulted in new cages for the tomatoes and melons. I need to make a few more for the cucumbers. I'm using SmartPots for the first time: 15 gallons for potatoes and 5 gallons for cucumbers. I'm interested to see how they work and if they hold up well. 

I've turned two large sections of ground into flower patches. The strawberry patch is now the far left corner of a bed that stretches the full length of the yard. The rest of it is planted with flowers: a variety of lillies, hardy gladiolas, siberian iris, native perennials, and a ton of annual flower seeds with a border of sunflowers.  The old strawberry patch along the garage was cleared out and is now planted with hollyhocks, zinnias, and sunflowers. 

I'm ready for June.