State of the Garden: 6/18/15

L to R: volunteer pumpkin, shishito peppers, tomatoes and basilblack and raspberries in the far back, potatoes and cucumbers in the middle, summer squash and dragon tongue beans on the left. from the backside of the bean trellis tomatoes, purple basil, dragon tongue bush beans, king theodore nasturtium volunteer pumpkin trying to take over the world purple pole beans are up! flowers and strawberries. keeping the birds, bees, and humans happy it took 2 years for the blackberries to recover from the stress of relocation 7 foot tall black hollyhock ELDERFLOWERS! I should have done a better job of labeling the tomatoes. no idea what this is, but look at those stripes! forgot what color these were. fun surprise this morning! #garden2015 datura in bloom! #garden2015 the Carouby De Maussane peas are finally blooming! #garden2015

June! June is good. The garden is lovely. Strawberries were coming in quarts at a time every day for weeks. They are slowing down now, but the raspberries and blackberries are poised to take over.  First peas and a single cherry tomato came in this week. Made pesto and chimichurri with basil, parsley, and oregano. Hollyhocks, elderberry, lilies, and datura all bloomed for the first time.  A monster volunteer pumpkin is taking over the back half of one bed. Potatoes growing like weeds in smart pots. Shaker inspired trellis went up and beans went in. Cannot wait to see a wall of purple bean vines along the back alley.