State of the Garden: 6/25/15

tomatoes, bush beans, giant sprawling unidentified squashlots of rain and heat last week = everything is huge dragon tongue bush beans in front of the tomatoes + giant volunteer squash starting to think the volunteer pumpkin is actually a volunteer spaghetti squash pretty sure the volunteer I thought was a pumpkin is actually a spaghetti squash from the back corner view from the back corner: squash, beans, flower bed blackberry and raspberry canes in the far left, potatoes in the middle back. so much green! walking counter clockwise behind the shaker bean trellis: berry canes in the far left corner, cucumbers in front of the berries, potato towers in the way back. summer squash and dragon tongue beans in the square box. spot the bunny added some more perennials to the sunflower/flower bed. there's a tiny bunny back there from the driveway. that whole space was dead tree and weeds last year. soon it will be a wall of sunflowers pollinator alley. this was a dead zone of rotting tree and weeds last year. always bees in the borage do yourself a favor and plant some borage. zero effort for an awesome bee friend and pretty flowers summer! the elderflowers are just starting to bloom!

We had a lot of rain and some intense heat, which made everything in the garden double in size in about a week. Harvesting one or two cherry tomatoes, a handful of snow peas, and a few tiny raspberries every day. Plus handfuls of basil for pesto with scapes from the market. Built wire towers for the potatoes, which were rapidly outgrowing their smartpots. Planted more beans and sunflowers along the back of the garage. The brassicas and lettuce did not survive the heat, that bed is now open and waiting for beets and more beans.  I used landscape staples and heavy duty weedblock cloth to create a "safe from the lawn guy's weedwhacker" path for the monster squash plant to crawl on. I'm hoping to fill that in with either pea gravel or mulch this weekend so it doesn't look quite so industrial.  Bought blueberry bushes on clearance that I need to find a spot for. Another weekend project. Always something to do!