State of the Garden: June 28, 2016

Looks so good over here. Elders still blooming, orienpet lillies and gladiolas starting to open, zinnias popping up. That one massive volunteer sunflower. I had to fence off the flower patch with tposts and twine bc the guy who mows our grass thinks every
Morning garden walk with neighbor's cat; she likes to hide in between the tomato cages. That volunteer dill is almost my height and smells so good. #garden2016
Radishes growing well for the first time in 6 years. #garden2016Early raspberries #garden2016

Two weeks of hot hot heat and the garden is bigger and busier than it was in July last year. Everything is thriving, despite being planted weeks later than years past. The neighbor's cat comes over to walk through the garden with me every morning. Zinnias, gladiolas, lilies, elder, borage, milkweed are all blooming. There's volunteer dill that is almost my height. I've successfully grown radishes for the first time in 6 years. The raspberry canes are full of berries, but nearly impossible to pick because that area of the yard is overgrown. We're supposed to be getting a fence along the back this summer and my plan is to separate and move all the berry canes once that happens. 



State of the Garden: 7/7/15

2015-07-01 07.50.37 3

view from the driveway

2015-07-01 07.38.34 2

moved another hanging basket over to this side of the yard

2015-07-01 07.38.51 2

there's a volunteer pumpkin in the strawberry patch

2015-07-01 07.39.52 2

there's a volunteer pumpkin in the strawberry patch

2015-07-01 07.40.43 2

beans are just getting tall enough to start climbing

2015-07-01 07.41.12 2

put down gravel on either side of the large bed so the squash can sprawl.

2015-07-01 07.41.53 2

everything is so big! squash on the left are starting to climb

2015-07-01 07.41.32 2

it looks so nice from back here

2015-07-01 07.42.01 2

blackberries, raspberries, more cucumbers

2015-07-01 07.44.16 2

I had to pull the strawberries that were in here, they were all weird mutant looking things. now onions and herbs.

2015-07-01 07.43.34 2

tomatoes, bush beans, and that crazy squash

2015-07-01 07.39.26 2

peas and sage in the front, potatoes straight back, beans and flowers along the garage

2015-07-01 07.45.04 2

rhubarb and perennials. I really need to separate the yarrow and echinacea, they are crowding out that box.

burpee rose giant cactus zinnia (from @bakercreekseeds) #garden2015

burpee rose giant cactus zinnia from baker creek