hanging onto the walls of the Acropolis

Someone asked this morning what I am most excited about, going to Greece again. This will be my sixth trip, the nine days in May that I will spend in Athens and Crete. 

I can't wait to sit in a cafe in Plaka at 9am, when it's quiet and empty of tourists.  Order a pot of tea and a bowl of thick yogurt with honey. 

The wind against my face in the dark on the deck of an overnight ferry.  Waking up surrounded by the sea. 

Picking up lunch from Ariston, the pie shop, and eating my ham, pepper, and Gouda on the street.

Bags of fresh cherries and apricots from the vendors in Monastiraki.

Being touristy and eating dinner at Byzantino's - the large tin bowls of tortellini and tiny glass bottles of Coke.

Gyros full of french fries from a street vendor.

The smell of leather in the Melissinos sandal shop.

Soutzoukakia, gemista, stifado, tzatziki and grilled pita, pantzarosalata, giouvetsi, fasolakia, galaktoboureko.

Really I just plan to eat a lot.